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Yellow Cabs Go Green In Kansas City

Smaller, fuel-efficient taxi cabs are hitting the streets of Kansas City.  In response to soaring fuels costs, Yellow Cab Company now has six hybrid-powered taxi cabs.

The clean, green machines are a hit with both drivers and riders.  With gasoline pushing past $3.50 a gallon, large taxis are gas guzzlers.  Now if you hail a taxi, you may be surprised to see a tiny Toyota Prius pull up.

"I haven't had a problem bringing any luggage or people. There's plenty of room inside this Prius," hybrid taxi driver Eero Sabin said.

Sabin is one of the first taxi drivers in Kansas City to get behind the wheel of a Prius.  He said he gets 43 miles a gallon around town, a huge savings over the big Ford he used to drive.

"Typically, now I'm saving about two-thirds of the gas i was spending before. If it was a $60 day in gas, I'm paying about $20 now.

Not only do hybrids save money for cab companies, some customers like them too. They like riding in a cleaner vehicle that's better for the environment.

Veolia, a French company that owns Yellow Cab, purchased the hybrid taxis as a conservation measure that keeps taxi fare rates from rising.

"Veolia is a very environmentally conscious company," Nancy Cipolla with K.C. Transportation Group said. "They really wanted hybrids on the street. We're looking at more hybrids. We're looking at the Ford Escape, built here in Kansas City."

Sabin said so far he hasn't encountered a customer the Prius can't handle.
In addition to the Prius, the company also has one Honda Civic hybrid taxi cab.

John Pepitone, FOX 4 News

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